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How to Remove and Replace Insulation in an Attic?

Attic insulation is the most vulnerable target of the Hackensack rodents living in your house. A lot of damage can be caused to the insulation of attic when the rodents affect it and spread their droppings, urine and waste food over it. It cannot only cause a bad smell but it can also lead to the growth of mold in the attic insulation. As a result the whole set up is damaged a lot and then is the need to replace it. Sometimes this can go so bad that it leads to the leakage of the roof and further contamination can be spread in the house. There is a specific procedure to remove and old and contaminated insulation in your attic and then install a new insulation in its place. It is better to change the insulation as soon as possible because this can invite further New Jersey rodents. This is not only unhealthy for your attic but also unsafe to a large extent.

Therefore it is important to change the insulation of the attic as soon as possible. But there are some important steps which should be considered and followed rightly in order to carry out the insulation installment of the attic.

Testing with Asbestos
Before beginning to remove the installation it is important to first of all verify the insulation for it may not contain asbestos. Usually the houses which were built before 1950 and after 1930 then it is possible that its insulation might contain asbestos. This has been determined by the Consumer Protection Agency of United States of America. You can do this testing at home as well by means of the home testing kit which can easily be obtained from the hardware store. In case f presence of asbestos in the insulation of your attic, you need to get the services of a Hackensack professional in order to remove the insulation. Otherwise you may face difficulty in this regard.

Types of Insulation
There is a category of attic insulation which is called as the blown in insulation. This insulation comes in two types that is fiberglass and cellulose. The insulation having the cellulose content is built with the reused newspaper and appears to be grey in color. On the other hand, the fiberglass insulation appears to be white in color. The older insulation can be removed by using the powerful HEPA filter insulation removal which uses the principle of vacuum to remove the older insulation.

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